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Animals-in-Need-Brisbane Inc. has evolved over the years from working as an individual rescuer with support from my local vet to an active group of animal lovers who work tirelessly to rescue, care for and home all the beautiful animals that come to us. Read more…

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Not one enquiry on Gorgeous 2 year old Tilly.Tilly needs to be the solo cat in her home. Sadly she was taken away from her litter at too young an age and never developed her cat to cat social skills.Tilly is a charming and confident young lady who loves to be brushed and fussed. Tilly loves playing with toys, especially aerial ones where she has to reach or jump. Quiet time is also important for Tilly and she likes to sleep under beds, in wardrobes and under throws or clothes left on chairs (check before sitting). Tilly also likes being up high so any ‘catification’ will be well used, she climbs the cat ladder to sleep on top of the bookcases nearly every day.Tilly was extremely hand shy, because of maltreatment before she came to her home. She is now affectionate with everyone she meets and allows us to pick her up for cuddles and kisses. Tilly is full of curiosity and loves to be involved with, or close to, whatever is being done around the home. New adults she now approaches straight away for stroking and fussing, babies have barely caused a ripple in Tilly’s world, but she has not met any toddlers or young children ... See MoreSee Less
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Good morning! Be careful what you wish for 🤣 ... See MoreSee Less
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It's been another day of waiting for our goofy dog Vito, goodnight sweetheart! ... See MoreSee Less
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Lovely little Lola is here to let everyone know she has been adopted!! Woohoo!!!A little note from her forever family:We have been so lucky to have Lola come and join our family. The humans fell instantly in love with her, but we had to be patient to see if Eric would feel the same. By week two Eric and Lola and learned to accept each other and now it is like Lola has always been here. She is the biggest snuggler and loves her night-time couch cuddles. It’s been wonderful to be able to rescue another dog, and to find our perfect second doggy family member has been amazing, we feel very luck indeed. We would like to thank Jess @limitlessk9 for working with Eric and our family and knowing that Lola would be the perfect fit, and to Lynne at AINB for trusting us with this beautiful girl.Thank you to Nilda for fostering Lola x ... See MoreSee Less
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Adoption #134 for 2022Who can it be now?Check back at 7.30pm to find out the pawsome news ... See MoreSee Less
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